Vape Safe Information

If the Vape Safe protection circuit is triggered your mod will cease to operate. The Vape Safe will then need to be replaced.

Not sure if your fuse is blown?

Instead, remove the battery and Vape Safe from the device. Place the battery, with The Vape Safe still attached, in your charger. If the charging indicator light does not come on, The Vape Safe is blown. If the charging indicator does light up, The Vape Safe is still operational.
If the Vape Safe has been blown, you must then identify the cause of the short. If you cannot identify the cause of the short, contact your mod manufacturer for further instruction BEFORE putting a battery back into a mod that has triggered a short.

Does The Vape Safe make a Mod Absolutely, 100% Safe?

The answer is no. No one safety feature alone can guarantee the battery will not fail thermally. When properly used, The Vape Safe can help to prevent potential thermal reaction from occurring in lithium ion batteries. It does not mean "absolutely safe," but in most situations the Vape Safe fuse will stop a hard short, and it does provide a measure of safety when used with lithium ion cells. When used in combination with mods that already have safety features built in, you are exponentially increasing the likelihood that thermal battery failure will not occur.

How Can You Get a Vape Safe?

Even in its initial launch, The Vape Safe is available throughout the world. Click here for a list of Official Resellers. The goal is to make sure everyone can be protected.  The Vape Safe is available for $9.00. The Vape Safe Sonic (the version with the button) will be available for under $20.