Introducing The Vape Safe Fuse

Our “2 Cents on Safety”

E-Cigarettes have come a long way, baby. Since their introduction in the US just few years ago, “Vapers” (those that have switched from smoking to vaping ) have demanded—and received—bigger and better devices. The use of replaceable and more powerful batteries in vaping devices has raised a lot of questions about safety. Unfortunately, using any type of lithium ion battery with these devices can be potentially dangerous.

With that in mind, we created The Vape Safe.

Lithium Ion batteries, while generally described as "safe," have been known to vent hot gasses and in some cases, explode. The leading cause of a venting battery is a hard short. The Vape Safe is a mechanical fuse that trips if it senses a short in the mod by shutting down the battery. The Vape Safe can also help protect variable voltage circuitry, hot springs and other circuitry inside your mod that can be damaged in the case of a hard short.


  • Protects against hard shorts in 3.7V single battery devices as well as 6V-7.4V stacked battery devices.
  • Protects batteries during charging
  • Prevents hot springs from collapsing
  • Protects variable voltage and other circuitry

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